Maine Pegmatite Workshop - Studying Granite Pegmatites of the World - A Seven Day Educational Pegmatology Workshop!
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Poland Mining Camps
Poland, Maine, USA

May 29 to June 6, 2015
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But, venue lodging is now full!

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An Educational Week of Classroom, Field Study and Collecting, Studying Granitic Pegmatites in Maine.
Presented by Dr. William "Skip" Simmons - University of New Orleans and Faculty of the MP2 Research Group.

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Our MP2 Research Group Faculty Members:
1. Fresh from a pocket: Morganite recovered by Frank C. Perham ... our Resident Senior Faculty Member. - © 2011, Ray Sprague
2. Center L to R: Al Falster, Jim Nizamoff, Dr. Karen Webber, Dr. Encar Roda, Dr. Skip Simmons
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